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Every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger.

Bread for the World

134 million children between the ages of 7 to 18 have never been to school.

Care International

1 out of every 4 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.

The Water Project

Our Vision

Whenever you have helped the least of these my brothers, you have helped me."

-- Matthew 25:40

What's Happening Now

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Japan – Please help Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Victims.
One of the most devastating earthquakes to hit Japan has led to thousands of casualties, missing loved ones, injuries and thousands more without homes. Please help us in our mission efforts to help those who need help in this crisis.

India – Urgent Appeal to Help a Young Child Who Needs Heart Surgery.
The JELA Foundation has issued an urgent appeal for donations to allow a young six year old girl – named Vaishnavi - to undergo surgery for an atrial septal defect – a hole in her heart. At the time of the medical check, her mother explained how it was impossible to afford expenses for a surgical procedure. You are invited to join our efforts to help Vaishnavi. Please email Mr. Paul Hoshizaki ( for additional information about how you can help.

Japan - Harp Ministry Program Sees Continued Growth
The Lyra Precaria course helps Japanese persons to become "Living Psalms for Today," offering a gentle ministry of "pastoral music" through voice and harp rendered live at the bedside of persons who are ill or dying ( a pastoral care adaptation of the clinical-contemplative field of Music Thanatology.) Two rounds of dedicated students have already completed the Lyra Precaria course, which has now been expanded from an 18-month course to a full two-year program. The third round the course began on April 15, 2010 with an Opening Ceremony at the JELA Missions Center in downtown Tokyo . Presently, this ministry is being offered on a regular basis at six hospitals, hospices and nursing homes in various parts of Japan, helping to transform long-held conceptions of what dying means. Please keep the students and this ministry in your prayers.

India - Global Partners Awarded Grants to Help Children in Need
The JELA Foundation recently awarded grants to four global partners to help implement child education and healthcare initiatives in the countries of India, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Recipients of the 2009 child care grants include the following organizations: The Comprehensive Rural Healthcare Program - CRHP (Jamkhed, India); Lutheran World Service – India (Calcutta, India); Lutheran World Service – Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Cambodia); Lutheran Healthcare Bangladesh (Dhaka, Bangladesh). Recipients were selected quality their education and health care programs, which benefit children living in poverty.

Japan - JELA Celebrates 100 Year of Mission Outreach
On September 21st2009, the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association (JELA) celebrated 100 ears of mission history Japan. The Rev. Andrew Ellis, a retired ELCA missionary and former chairman of the JELA board of directors, led commemoratory morning worship service which was attended by retired ELCA missionaries, JELC pastors, and supporters of JELA. estivities also include a luncheon at Excel Shibuya Hotel, and an evening fellowship for current and retired missionaries. Approximately 50 retired missionaries returned to Japan to participate in the event.
Founded in 1909, JELA played a fundamental role in the establishment of the Japan Evangelical Church, as well as the founding of Lutheran schools and social welfare institutions throughout Japan. Now entering its second century of mission, JELA looks forward to continued opportunities to serve others in Japan, throughout Asia and around the globe.

India - JELA Sponsors Medical Equipment Training
In December, Dr. Masaaki Takeuchi of Fukuoka traveled to India to train local doctors at the CRHP Hospital (Jamkhed, India) in the use of an echocardiogram that was recently purchased through a grant provided by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). In addition to the echo training, approximately 70 people between ages of 6 and 80 years old received free heart check-ups. Subsequent training sessions and heart check-up camps are scheduled to take place in August and December.

India – Rural Hospital Construction Completed

A delegation representing the JELA Foundation attended the April 5th Dedication Ceremony of the newly constructed Julia Hospital in Jamkhed, India. JELA Chairperson, Mr. Hiroyuki Nakagawa, was one of the featured speakers at the event. In prepared remarks, he congratulated Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) on the construction of the new hospital, which will provide basic medical care to the poor living in the Jamkhed area. In response, Dr. Raj Arole, founder of CRHP, thanked JELA for its strong support of CRHP over the past eight years. In addition to supporting the construction of the hospital, JELA has given funds to purchase medical equipment and provide essential medical training.

Japan - JELA Receives Funding Grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The JELA Foundation was recently awarded a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of purchasing essential medical equipment for the newly constructed 80-bed hospital in Jamkhed, India. The grant is a good example of how the Japanese government is working in partnership with the Japan NGO sector to improve the livelihood of underprivileged people. Under the funding scheme, MOFA will purchase medical equipment, while the JELA Foundation will provide training in the equipment’s use.

Brazil - Construction of Youth Education Center in Sao Paulo

The Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association is pleased to announce the completion of a Youth Education Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Located in the slum area of Diadema, the new center will be used as a place of worship, community gatherings, bible studies, as well as for basic education, including reading, writing and mathematics for children and youth. The land for the project was donated by a member of Nambei Lutheran Church, while funding for the construction of the building was provided by both the congregation and JELA. A delegation from JELA attended a joyous opening ceremony celebration held in early November. A further phase of the project to be completed in the future will include the addition of classrooms and a chapel adjacent to the center.

Brazil – Opening of Youth Education Center Porto Alegre

A delegation from the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association participated in the Nov. 7th opening ceremony of a Youth Education Center in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. The new center will provide basic education to poor children living in Porto Alegre. The $150,000 project was undertaken by a Lutheran-affiliated NGO, Centro Diaconal Evangelico Luterano (CEDEL), with 70% of the funding provided by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the remaining portion supported by JELA, local organizations and individual donors. During the opening ceremony address, Mr. Haruyoshi Miura, the Japanese Consul in Porto Alegre, expressed his hope that the building would be used to provide quality education to hundreds of needy children. “The new building belongs to the children,” commented the Japanese government official.

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