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Every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger.

Bread for the World

134 million children between the ages of 7 to 18 have never been to school.

Care International

1 out of every 4 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.

The Water Project

Our Vision

Whenever you have helped the least of these my brothers, you have helped me."

-- Matthew 25:40

Archived News from Brazil

Delivering food by boat

According to UNESCO, the average Brazilian has less than five years of schooling. Street crime, particularly in slum areas, is a severe problem. Brazil also has the highest youth homicide rate in the world.

Constructing a Study Center for Street Children

“Favela” is Brazilian slang for “ghetto” and few places on earth are in more need of hope than the favelas of Brazil. Favela are dirty; favela are dangerous; favela are hotspots of poverty and desperation. Many favelas have populations in the hundreds of thousands. Children born there often end up living on the streets. Many turn to drugs and prostitution before they reach their teens.